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To receive the latest published Security Advisories, CVEs or Blog articles published in ZEN SecDB Portal configure the URL in your RSS Feed Aggregator (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Akregator, etc.).


CVE Feed


URL Parameter Default Example
Filter by vendor vendor={string} (empty)

Filter by product product={string} (empty)

Filter by CPE (2.3 or 2.2)




CPE 2.3 -

CPE 2.2 -

Filter by CWE cwe={string} (empty)

The maximum number of items in RSS feed limit={integer} 250 (max 1000)


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Security Advisory Feed


If you are not interested in all types of Security Advisories, you can also filter by type by adding one or more types (separated by comma) name in the type parameter in the RSS feed URL.{type}

For example, if you are interested in the latest Security Advisories for Debian, Slackware, and Gentoo you can use:,slackware,gentoo


URL Parameter Default Example
Filter by advisory type type={string} (empty),slackware,gentoo

The maximum number of items in RSS feed limit={integer} 250 (max 1000)


Available Security Advisories
Operating Systems
almalinux AlmaLinux OS almalinux
alpinelinux Alpine Linux alpinelinux
amazonlinux Amazon Linux amazonlinux
android Android (AOSP) android
archlinux Arch Linux archlinux
debian Debian debian
freebsd FreeBSD freebsd
gentoo Gentoo gentoo
opensuse OpenSUSE opensuse
oraclelinux Oracle Linux oraclelinux
redhat RedHat redhat
rockylinux Rocky Linux rockylinux
slackware Slackware Linux slackware
suse SUSE suse
ubuntu Ubuntu ubuntu
curl cURL curl
httpd Apache HTTPD httpd
jenkins Jenkins jenkins
mozilla Mozilla mozilla
nginx NGINX nginx
openssl OpenSSL openssl
tomcat Apache Tomcat tomcat
xen Xen xen
composer PHP (Composer) composer
cpan Perl (CPAN) cpan
go Go go
maven Maven maven
npm NPM npm
pypi Python (PyPI) pypi
rubysec Ruby (Gems) rubysec
rustsec Rust (Crates) rustsec
Vendors & Other
cisa CISA (KEV) cisa
cisco Cisco cisco
msrc Microsoft (MSRC) msrc
vmware VMWare vmware